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Welcome to THE GYM in Pinetop.
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“The Gym” is now offering personalized MEAL PLANNING

Taught by certified fitness nutritionist Jill Navarro.
Each meal plan is customized to fit your individual goals. Each meal plan includes: daily meal plans, a grocery list, exchange list for food, and constant email communication. Please email for more information
4 weeks of meal plans $ 175
competition diet is $500 for a 12 week meal plan.

“Did you know that diet makes up 80% of the way our bodies look? Wether you are looking to compete, lose a little weight or just feel better and healthier, no matter your goal, don’t trust just anyone with your well being. Diet is a science. Trust someone that knows what they’re doing and has your best interest in mind. I highly recommend Jill Navarro. She is wonderful to work with and truly cares about seeing you reach your goals. This competition was my first time working with her and I couldn’t be happier. I felt amazing for this show! And she was there every step of the way.”
- Courtney Hall Buschschulte

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