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Awesome meals thank you, the whole family is thrilled with it too! Started on Monday and it’s going good. So good that my husband has decided to pack lunch and dinner on Saturday and head out to out family reunion, rather than eat all the pies and cookies that are going to be there!!!!
The shopping trip was interesting. I found everything but something called Italian paste. It was also double the normal 100 bucks I spend. Although, was shopping for a family of 4 so when you brake that down per person that’s really not all that bad. I have learned that if I want family and myself to live a happy health life, shopping for quick over possessed cheap meals isn’t the way to make that happen.

I feel surprisingly … excellent! I jumped out of bed this morning, excited about making breakfast. My husband said that his acid reflux was barely noticeable yesterday. And the kids are spending less time on the tablets and more time on the trampoline. I know it’s only been 2 days but we are all feeling better and smiling more. It may have more to do with having a positive attitude towards this whole life change, but good food is definitely the fuel.

Six months ago, at the urging of my physician,I took my first difficult step to getting healthy and walked into The Gym In Pinetop. To say the least, I was a bundle of nerves and way out of my comfort zone. Owner/trainer Jeremiah Navarro greeted me at the front door and preceded to give me a tour of a clean,friendly, and family environment  gym. Jeremiah made me feel comfortable with his smile and easy manner while I was walking through the land of the unknown. Fast forward;Jeremiah has been teaching me how to properly and safely use weights. Additionally he has been positive,supportive, and challenging, all while keeping it light and fun.

In the past, I would diet and deprive myself the foods I enjoyed,(sweets,desserts,etc.). Jeremiah’s wife, Jill, is a certified fitness nutritionist, and has designed a meal plan for me. I have been pleasantly surprised as to the amount,great taste, and simplicity of the recipes.¬† Every two weeks I get weighed and measured. If needed, Jill will modify my menu. She always seeks input from me as to my likes or dislikes regarding food. She has been professional as well as a great cheerleader.

Taking that first step six months ago was the healthiest and smartest choice I have made,I feel as if I’ve woken up from a long sleep. I’ve hit the hiking trails again and my energy is back! Friends laugh ( they’ve been lifting for years) when I get excited sharing my experiences, they say “you act like you invented the wheel ” :) I shared this with Jeremiah and he said ” Heidi, you found the wheel”. I found the wheel indeed, it only took me 58 years! I no longer feel intimidated when I enter the gym. I know for sure that I’m hooked because I look forward to working out.

Having excellent teachers has played a large part in my success, thank you so very much Jeremiah and Jill Navarro. You two are AWESOME!!!

Continuing on my healthy journey,

Heidi McNelis :)

I have been active and basically a gym rat for most of my life! I love to exercise and push my self and others! I LOVE muscle and I love watching my body change! I have been working so hard on trying to put on more muscle mass especially in my butt and legs! I knew if I wanted to make drastic changes I needed to change it up and really focus on my goals. I had seen pics of girls that used Jill for their diet and swore by her so I figured I would give it a shot! From the first time I met Jill I was sold! She is a wonderful people person and listened to what I wanted and most importantly told me I could achieve it! I am currently in my 12th week of her meal program and have seen more muscle growth than I have in years! We all know that diet is key and it takes up sooo much time to plan out. So why not take the guess work out of it and let the professionals figure it out for you? All u have to do is just LISTEN and DO IT and the results will come!!!