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Personal Trainer- Pinetop & Show Low

– NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified
– Nutrition
– Balance
– Weight Loss

I’m the newest trainer to join “The Gym Family”. I began my fitness journey over a decade ago, overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Juggling being a mom, college student as well as working full time, I struggled finding a fitness regiment that worked for me.

I was passionate about learning about fitness, nutrition, wellness, as well as helping others. So I decided to enroll in personal training classes with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have been a certified personal trainer for over 5 years, and have continued my education. Along the way I have become certified in training, nutrition, balance as well as weight loss.

Being stationed in Okinawa, Japan for over 13 years afforded me the privilege of training American military service members, their families, and the local Japanese civilians. Working with such diverse backgrounds helped sharpen my skills in the different fitness needs of each individual.

Moving into this next chapter with “The Gym” family, I am looking forward to meeting and helping the Show Low, and Pinetop community with their fitness goals.

I believe your fitness journey should be simple!

Communication, Accountability, and a Great Support System you can trust will make your fitness journey a necessary part of your day. I’m here to help you make fitness less daunting and more of an exciting routine.

My classes will meet twice a week for 60 minutes where we will work on stretching, exercise form, and cool down. Every four weeks we will meet to take measurements and assess progress, discuss questions, concerns, and work up a sweat! This class will help build camaraderie, as well as confidence in the gym… and the best part… R E S U L T S!

So, lets do this! I’m excited for the opportunity to meet everyone and build a community who is ready to conquer their fitness goals and make health and fitness a lifelong lifestyle!