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Challenge yourself with a daily dose of yoga. We offer a variety of heated and non-heated yoga classes for all levels of expertise. You can book your yoga class online to reserve your class seat. It is time to go beyond your limits and discover your passion. 

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I want to create a welcoming atmosphere that removes barriers and fears when doing yoga, which creates an environment where students are comfortable to explore movement and breath as we become a community to support one another.



I teach yoga so I can share the message of the magnificent power, pliability and space that we are capable of creating in the body, mind, and breath. Yoga allows us to deep dive into these! We learn that when we bring awareness to aligning the body, breath, and mind, we create a powerful force of light



I want to heal/reintegrate the body, mind, and spirit to provide a safe and encouraging space for others. I want to share and celebrate the incredible and ancient tradition of yoga without appropriating or white washing the knowledge that has been passed down. 

Pam R.

Hatha & Yin

I want to share the love of yoga with others. I want to guide them in a gentle way. They know know their bodies and I trust that will do what is available for them. I want to allow them to use the knowledge in creating the best possible yoga practices for themselves. I am simply there to guide my students in practice. My classes set the mood for yoga, low lighting, diffuser, sage or incense. I believe this helps my students feel the vibe and settle in, feeling at peace. 



Everyone is welcome to come take my classes. For each class I like to set a different intention, but my core intention is to help strengthen body awareness, fine tune intuition, and empower. Those looking to detox, improve their physical strength, balance, and have some fun trying something new should come to my Wednesday evening class. Those looking for muscle recovery, meditation, and overall relaxation should consider my Thursday evening class. 



I want to help people let go of their inhibitions by getting out of their heads and into their bodies by connecting them with music and releasing all the bad things and bringing in all the goodness of movement. I want my students leaving class feeling confident, sexy, and in love with themselves.

Yoga is the ability to focus the mind on a single point without distraction

The word Yoga comes from the Indian philosophy meaning to join or unite, referring to the union of the individuals soul with the universe.